Worship is the Body of Christ working together to praise God to the fullest.

At Advent, in addition to worshiping with the body of Christ, we have multiple ways to serve during worship. If you are interested, please see one of the Pastors for more information. 

  • Altar Guild - Helps to setup and clean up for all worship services.
  • Usher - Helps to guide people before, during and after worship.
  • Greeter - Welcomes and greets everyone who comes through the doors.
  • Lector - Reads Lessons during Worship.
  • Assisting Minister - Helps to lead worship with the Pastors.
  • Communion Assistant - Help assist distribution during communion.  
  • Acolyte - Helps to light/extinguish candles & represents the light of Christ.  
  • Crucifer - Carries in/out the cross & represents Christ leading us in/out of worship.
  • Choir - Those willing to sing special musical selections for worship.
  • Bell Choir - Those willing to learn or play bell pieces for worship.
  • Instrumentalist - Those who are willing to share their musical talents with instruments.
  • Praise Team - Any who likes to sing/play instruments in a different and unique worship setting.   
  • Banner Ministry - Those willing to help craft and design banners to visually lift up the worship space, that point to God and the Liturgical season.
  • Prayer Ministry - Those willing to pray daily for one another, the community and world.